Connemara Mountain Walking Festival, Leenane 

3rd - 5th May, 2024

The festival is crafted to cater to walkers of all skill levels, ranging from leisurely low-level strolls to more challenging paths suited for the experienced hiker. Each day presents a selection of at least three walks, offering options that span from strenuous treks to more relaxed low-level excursions.

May 2024

Enjoy a unique combination of mountain and sea as Leenane is situated on the edge of Killary Harbour and surrounded by mountains in all directions. 

15 Year Anniversary

This May will be the 15th year of the Connemara Mountain Walking Festival 
All of our profits feed back into the local community. So far over €25,000 has been put into projects such as the community crèche, Red Cross first responders group, the Leenane community park and other projects overseen by the Leenane Development Association such as the seniors daycare programme.

Walks For All Abilities

The inclusive festival caters to walkers of all levels, offering a range of options from relaxed strolls to challenging treks.
With a minimum of three walks each day, participants can choose from varying difficulty levels, ensuring there's something for everyone. As the festival celebrates its 15th anniversary, even more unique events are being introduced, enhancing the program and providing additional excitement for attendees.

Professional Guides

Every walk in the festival is led by knowledgeable and certified guides, ensuring a safe and enriching experience for participants, and is covered by public insurance for added security.
What sets this festival apart is the active involvement of local farmers who lend their expertise, wisdom, and deep connection to the land, offering a unique opportunity for walkers to learn from their wealth of knowledge, folklore, and historical insights.
It's a wonderful way to immerse oneself in the rich tapestry of the region's heritage.

Unparalleled Access

The invaluable participation of local farmers in the event brings an added dimension to the festival, as they graciously grant participants access to their lands and allow visits to usually restricted areas.
Transportation to and from the starting and finishing points of each walk will be provided, ensuring convenience for attendees. Moreover, at the conclusion of each day's adventure, various local businesses extend their hospitality, serving tea, coffee, and delectable scones, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere to unwind and relish in the shared experiences.

Leenane Village

One of the most scenic areas in Ireland, Leenane Village always offers a warm welcome to visitors at any time of year. From cosy traditional bars to the bustling hotel and a range of restaurants and cafés, Leenane has everything to make your weekend a memorable one.

Nestled on the Galway-Mayo border, Leenane is a place of captivating contrasts. It finds itself at the head of Killary Harbour, a remarkable 16km fjord, while being embraced by the majestic Maamtrasna and Maamturk mountains. Evidence of its ancient history can be seen in the presence of ancient tombs and the enduring potato ridges that cling to the mountainsides.

Renowned for its breathtaking and diverse scenery, Leenane has been a magnet for artists, athletes, geologists, and those seeking leisure for well over a century and a half. The harmonious interplay of the sea and mountains creates vistas bursting with vibrant colors. In the summertime, the hills adorn themselves in lush shades of green, while the mountains come alive with oranges and russets during autumn. In winter, the slate blues of the seas add a serene touch. Dotting the high hills, sheep roam freely, creating a picturesque sight, while the mesmerizing Aasleagh falls witness the graceful leaps of salmon at the fjord's head.

Leenane offers a captivating tapestry of nature's wonders, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its ever-changing beauty. Its scenic allure stands as a testament to the enduring charm that has enchanted hearts for generations.

The Organisers

The team that make it all happen...

The Connemara Mountain Walking Festival is brought to life by a dedicated team of volunteers from diverse backgrounds, all bound together by their passion for hill walking. Our guides possess extensive mountain training and certification, with many of them actively serving in local mountain rescue teams.

The involvement of local landowners is instrumental in granting access to exclusive ascents that would typically remain inaccessible to the broader hill walking community. Supported by skilled IT professionals and talented tea and scone artisans, our team is committed to creating a truly enchanting weekend for you.

It is important to note that all proceeds from this festival directly benefit local charities, playing a vital role in sustaining our rural community. By participating, you contribute to the well-being of our region, making a meaningful difference to those in need.

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