Connemara Mountain Walking Festival, Leenane

3rd - 5th May, 2024

Extra information to ensure that you are fully prepared for the weekends walking

Guide To Walk Difficulty


Difficulty : Hard
Duration : >7hrs 
Ground: Rough/Rigid

Experienced walkers of good fitness and endurance. Terrain is open mountain side with little or no trail.  

Equipment: Hiking boots, Rain gear, Walking poles, Woollen socks x 2, Wicking underwear, Lightweight fleece, Lunch, Warm hat 


Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
Duration: <7hrs
Ground: Rough

Experience in mountains with average fitness. Terrain is diverse, often wet, some steep locations. 

Equipment: Hiking boots, Rain gear, Walking poles, Woollen socks x 2, Wicking underwear, Lightweight fleece, Lunch, Warm hat 


No experience necessary, fitness average. Terrain is diverse with bog, rock & rough trail in sections. Slight/Moderate climbs . 

Equipment: Hiking boots or shoes, Rain gear, Woollen socks, Walking pole, Lunch, Wicking underwear, Warm hat, Lightweight fleece  

Essential Items To Bring For A Walking Weekend

We strongly recommend you bring with you the following items of clothing and equipment to help make your walking weekend as comfortable as possible

The weather on the West Coast proves to be completely unpredictable so be prepared for everything from hail to blazing sun! The Irish weather can be changeable and is often very localised. This means that you may well have a morning of rain and an afternoon of sunshine - and that the weather may be quite different 10 miles away. 
Whether you are taking part in a low level or higher level walk, be prepared for uneven wet ground. So good socks & footwear is essential! 
Cool days in summer: 10 - 15° C
(50 - 60° F).
Warm days in summer: 21 - 27° C
(70 - 80° F)

It is a good idea to take layers of clothing with you each day and to change whenever the temperature does. As a general rule, always take rain gear with you and remember that the higher you go, the cooler it gets.
  • Warm Clothes – NO DENIM
  • Rain Jacket & Trousers
  •  Walking boots or shoes that have suitable support for your ankles. They must have good soles & tread! 
  • Woolly Hat, scarves and gloves - On the hills it is colder than lower ground.
  • Warm woolly socks - even a spare set if you have room.
  • A small rucksack that you need for bringing items with you on the walking programme you  will be doing including carrying your lunch. 
  • Lunch & plenty of water. Flask for Tea/Coffee is also handy
Only mobile phones on the 087 network will work in the Leenane area. There is no reception for the  086 and 085 mobile phones. 

It is advisable to leave all valuables at home as we can take no responsibility. 
Please make sure to arrive early for registration on the morning of your walk at the Leenane Community Hall on the Galway Road. Buses will not wait for late people.

Mountain Safety

The Irish long distance trails and especially the hills are still relatively unfrequented. This is a happy situation for hill walkers unless they get into serious trouble and need help

Help may well have to  come from a considerable distance it is particularly important to take all reasonable precautions. Although the underneath precautions are designed for longer, higher walks do remember that even on the low level trail walks, there can be inherent dangers.
  • Wear suitable clothing, and regardless of the weather carry extra warm clothes, wind and  waterproof anorak and over trousers. 
  • Check weather forecasts and keep a look out for weather changes.
  • On high ground, mist and rain can close in with alarming speed.
  • Remember that the temperature drops 2-3 degrees Celsius for each 300m you climb and if,  as is frequently the case, there is a strong wind the temperature drop will be even more marked. 
  • It may be a pleasant day at sea level whilst freezing and windy at 800m.
  • Streams in flood are dangerous and extreme caution is necessary. Remember that most  accidents happen on the descent, when you are tired, so take special care then. 
  • Please make sure that you are fit enough for the walk you have signed up for.
  • Please let your guide know if you have any medical conditions.

The Farmland Code Of Conduct

The festival gets special permission from the land owners to walk on their land during the festival. So please make sure to respect their land and the rural environment! 

  • Do not interfere with livestock, crops, machinery or any other property, which does not  belong to you. 
  • Guard against all risks of fire.
  • Leave all farm gates as you find them.
  • Avoid entering farmland-containing livestock.
  • Your presence can cause stress to livestock and even endanger yourself.
  • Do not enter farmland if you have dogs with you, even on a leash, unless with permission of  the occupier. 
  • Always use gates, stiles or other recognised entry points.
  • Take all litter home.
  • Do not pollute water supplies.
  • Take special care on country roads.
  • Avoid making unnecessary noise.
  • Protect wildlife plants and trees.
  • Take heed of warning signs - they are there for your protection.
  • If following a recognised walking route, keep to the way-marked trail.
  • Report any damage caused by your actions to the farmer 

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